a revamping...


so we're going to try a new stab at an old project

TSMGO: a novel

that's right!   going to turn The Show Must Go On into a novel

so, let's see...
              she started as a screenplay in 2009
              vamped into a stage play in 2013
              then transformed into a novel in 2014

i feel she has a great story that needs to be told, and that story can be told in more detail and more focus as a novel.

so, i suppose this means TSMGO will be getting her own blogspot to specifically record her progression as well as to help with promotion

here's to the new venture with an old favie



increasing my knowledge...

well today was the day i started my online course with athanatos!

absolutely loving and learning

teacher is exactly who i needed to further my progress

have 8 pages of notes and its just the first day!

still processing...

until the next time,


Athanatos Online Apologetics Academy


In the IP

Thank you, Abba, for a day of peace, relaxation, and catching up in my favorite place!


one day more

Okay. Sooooo it is the final day before NaNoWriMo2013 and I am STILL debating of which characters win my uninterrupted attention for the next 30 days of my life.

I want to write novel with a Message, but my inspiration is focused on a genre that seems to not be written with the Message presently.
I do suppose that I can work with it to create the story with the Message, but it would be a bit more time consuming. (but, hey, that's what NaNoWriMo is for, right?)

Oh well, I'll think of something...

Until the next writings,



let’s add two more to that list…

…of muses
okay, so perhaps you are sensing a theme in my inspirations…
kamuse3lotrmuse6bhmuse6muse 1
strong women who can defend themselves and stand up for what they believe in.   this may just help in making the decision of what to write on a bit easier.
there’s just something about 
women of this genre
that seem to inspire. 
they aren’t afraid to be who they know they are
and not who society expects them to be.
that is the type of woman I strive to be
until the next writings,


aaaand… another…

muse that is
this has created a dilemma, however.   my choice of writing for
was Hallways
but seeing how I have been partaking in the above (and am continuing to watch even more of the genre)  I am feeling the effects of battle within the
imaginarium porlo.
so it has come down to the following
  • 4 warriors
  • dreary vale
  • writing that has no title but a good chunk of dialogue
the genre could be debated upon, but I like to think of it as a historical fantastical fiction. (welcome to my out-of-the-box mindset)
so now I must delve in a decision as to which will steal my attention for the next month or so.
until the next writing…

gaining inspiration in preparation

partaking in a time of enjoyment and sustenance while preparing in these last few days for
the mega
devoted month
to my novel
 oh, how I do love this time of year…
until the next writings…


muse 2 muse 1muse 5muse 7muse 6muse 8muse 3muse 4muse 9


keeping track

alrighty! post number two in preparation of

NaNoWriMo 2013

this one will (hopefully) keep record through some nifty little widgets


I guess we’ll see if this manages to get the job done
until the next writing…


it’s that time again…NaNoWriMo 2013

yes, folks, that is correct... for the next 30 days or so, i will be 
 staring into my computer screen,
tapping on my keyboard,               
trudging through the

imaginarium porlo
in search of the newest arrival
a novel to be explored during this year’s NaNo adventure…

stay tuned as I attempt to keep track of my progress right here on this wonderful  

procrastination station
so here’s to another november dedicated to
my mind,
                   my characters,
                                                 &, above all,
my talent given to me by
                                      my Heavenly Father


until the next writings...



copyright is in progress

As we speak, beautiful disaster is sitting as an efile in someone's inbox at the US Copyright office.

In fact, its been sitting there for almost three weeks now...

Oh well, all part of the process I suppose.

Once copyright is secure, its off to do the publishing song and dance to see if its actually producing material...
    (oh yeah, there's also some writing competitions we're gonna try our hand at as well)

So here's to the next step...{whatever that may be}

Until the next page...




nanowrimo2012...a month later

so i started a month ago as a 

                         and ended the month as a 

it was definitely a challenge trying to "force" myself to start from scratch
                    usually it all just comes to me when it wants to be set free
but it was attempted, nonetheless

                 ?why did i not succeed with 50,00 words??

??why did i only 

manage to scribble out 

3,122 words?

let's just say life has changed since the last time i took on the  nanowrimo challenge
                                                                                                                    different job..............  
                                                                                                                    different house.........................
                                                                                                                    different marital status.............
"it is what it is, but it is mine, and i am seeing it bloom more and more everyday."

so, until nanowrimo2013, i shall continue to work on the manuscript that i started,   but hopefully now it will feel comfortable enough to step out on it's own instead of me forcing it out of the porlo

until the next chat...





well... it is that time again.  what time you ask?

yes, that's right!  National Novel Writing Month!!

i was absent to NaNo last year due to a certain life changing expierence...
wow!!!  it's been 1 year already!

          and a year before that, it was a month dedicated to...
when i became...

but, now, i must get myself back into the groove and become...
so here's to a month of delving myself into the thing i love tremendously...  i get to have an excuse to stay in my porlo for an ENTIRE MONTH!!  whoda thunk it! 

if you'd like to catch me up or stalk out my progress,  just check out www.nanowrimo.org and find me with the name lauriek_keepthefaithproductions

or... just hang here and i'll let you know my word count etc

here's to another fantastic nanowrimo year!



is it possible?

i think i have done it...

i think i have just finished Beautiful Disaster:A Novel!

actually, it is now titled Beautiful Disaster Book One Three Hills Saga
A long title, i know.  But i think things are turning towards a sequel.  (i don't know, read the epilogue and tell me what you think--teehee!)

momma's the first one to get her hands on it, once i get it printed out.  she has the red pen in hand and ready to read. (please be gentle)

so, we shall see what my first reader thinks...



it's the title page!!!


inspiration, collection, and the porlo

it is coming together.

i found pages that had been written years ago..yes i said "years"... that i had thought where lost and forgotten.  it's amazing how God will bring things to you in the timing that it needs to be. 

that to say, i now have two drafts of the same scenes with different directions that i can now combine as one. 

it's all part of the process, i must say.


my porlo continues to change.

what is this porlo you say?   well, it is the place that i can meet with my characters.  it is the space i spend my time.  it is the location where my thoughts remain until we meet again.   i had to find such a place so as not to drive myself crazy.   

welcome to the imaginarium porlo
i think about all the screenplays, stageplays, manuscripts, and the like that are cramed into my little brain and i get scared that one day they will all go away without me having completed their story.  so in the imaginarium porlo, i can leave everything knowing that i can return at anytime to sit down and pick up where i left off.   there's no queue for them to stand in.  no number to wait to be called.  when they want to meet, we meet.  when they want to roam, they roam.

my muse in the full
is this all crazy to you, the reader?  perhaps.  but i hope that my fellow writers who read this will understand the ramblings that are typed on this page.

until the next thought calls...



my muse up close